OpenFunction CLI

Learn how to use the CLI of OpenFunction.

This document describes how to use the CLI of OpenFunction.


ofn is the command-line interface for OpenFunction. It helps you install and manage OpenFuntion.

The following table describes the main commands supported by ofn.

initProvides management for the framework of OpenFunction.
createCreates a function from a file or stdin.
applyApplies a function from a file or stdin.
demoCreates a kind cluster to install OpenFunction and run its demo.
getPrints a table of the most important information about the specified function.
get builderPrints important information about the Builder.
get servingPrints important information about the Serving.
deleteDeletes the specified function.

ofn demo Parameters

The following table describes parameters available for the ofn demo command.

–auto-pruneFor removing the demo kind cluster. To keep the demo kind cluster, run ofn demo --auto-prune=false, and you can delete the demo kind cluster by running kind delete cluster --name openfunction.
–verboseFor displaying detailed information.
–region-cnFor users who have limited access to or